cross pollination blues

I need someone to write the cross-pollination blues. Because I’ve got ’em…

cross polination issues

Remember back when a summer storm blew over all my corn stalks, and I had to tie them up with cotton yarn? And I was all whiny and worried about whether or not I’d get corn? Yup. My corn did NOT cross pollinate.

Luckily there’s a farm stand near by that’s currently selling corn for $4 a dozen. I think I’ll get 3 or 4…


9 responses to “cross pollination blues

  1. Aww, what a disappointment.

  2. Sad day :( (And that is the weirdest looking plant-thing I have seen in a long time.)

    • I know, right?! Each silk strand in an ear of corn picks up pollen and directs it back to a single kernel. So to get a whole ear of corn you need enough pollen reaching the silk to pollinate all the kernels. When you don’t have enough pollen (say, because the stalks are tied together and the silk isn’t waving in the breeze properly) you get random single kernels pollinated and lots of little pollinated seeds.

      I learned this from some book awhile back…

      • How interesting! I didn’t realise that was how corn is pollinated. I always figured the silk must have some good reason for existing (other than to be the bane of my life when I’m trying to husk the corn…) but I never knew what it was :-)

  3. We didn’t get any corn, either, but our crop failure was because the seed rotted in the ground from all the wet…

  4. I guess that explains why I always get half-ears then. Not enough planted to provide a good supply of pollen. You learn something every day. :)

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