Sweet Spot

I was knitting with a friend awhile back when she made a comment about speedy knitting. Her theory is that everyone has a sweet spot – a spot at which they knit their fastest.

The sweet spot isn’t necessarily related to the biggest gauge, or the smoothest needles. It’s a point where, for whatever reason, the yarn and needle combination make for fast knitting.

Her sweet spot is US 5 or 6 needles, my sweet spot seems to be US 8 or 9’s. Worked with worsted or aran weight yarn I’m SPEEDY! I get a bit slower when handling bigger yarn and needles, same for smaller needles.

But if I were to test, with the same brand needles, and the same type of yarn (merino, for instance is way faster than cotton at any gauge) and the same pattern – I’m quite sure I’m fastest with the worsted/aran/US8/US9 combo.

What about you? Do you think that every knitter has a sweet spot? What’s yours?


8 responses to “Sweet Spot

  1. What an interesting idea! I’ve been knitting a lot of larger-gauge items lately (size US6 – 9) and finding I’m much slower with larger needles than with, say, size 1 or 0. I also find cotton amazingly slow and difficult to knit evenly. I’m fastest with metal needles, though I often prefer bamboo or (especially) wood for control.

  2. Mine is fairly small – I’m happiest with small needles – size 2 or 3 – and a sockweight or fingering yarn. Wool is best! Cotton is incredibly slow for me, and I hate acrylic. Oh, and I knit faster with wood or bamboo needles than metal or plastic (shudder), no matter what the size.

  3. I have a plastic size 6 circular needle that lets me knit like the wind. I’ve had it for at least 30 years, no idea of the manufacturer, and no way to replace it. If anything ever happens to it, I’ll weep for days…

    • I’m pretty quick on 6’s, but then I go up to 8’s and it’s not just that the fabric grows more quickly – I’m definitely working more stitches per minute on 8’s.

  4. I’m definitely a small needle kinda gal. Anything less than 4s and I can move along nicely. But then again, that’s what I tend to knit most, so maybe if I knit a lot of worsted-weight things, that’d be my sweet spot. Give me good old wool anyday too!

    • I’m really loving this discussion. I wonder how much of a knitter’s sweet spot is based on what they’ve got the most practice at. Or if we each tend to knit more projects in our speedy range because we’re quickest there?

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