sneak peak*

Remember the speedy little autumn sweater I was knitting? It’s done! Yep, that was pretty speedy. It was speedy even though I ripped out the top bit SIX times. On the seventh try I finally got the right combination of raglan shaping, short rows in the back, texture and yarn in the collar, and the pleats in the shoulders.

sneak peak

It was the sort of thing that just happens when designing. I’d swatched the texture and the pleats. I know plenty about short rows and raglan shapes. But pulling all four features together in a way that works? That just takes frogging a few times.

So the garment is done, and waiting for me to get around to blocking it. The pattern however?

pattern notes

-could use some work. One size (mine) is figured. And it was all done by hand, in pen, using the calculator on my phone. This is not how I usually design.

Hopefully, this won’t be impossible to grade. I THINK I’ve planned things well. All the pattern features work in units of 8 (trim on the hem and sleeve cuffs) 4 (raglan shaping, trim on the neckline) and 2 (shoulder short rows) – so it seems like they should all fit together. Right? Let’s hope so…

*If by “sneak peak” you understand I’m showing you a bunch of intentionally blurry photos. Enjoy!


3 responses to “sneak peak*

  1. sometimes tho… just those random scribbled notes are all you need! I find that I tend not to sit in the same place when working so I wind up with that sort of notebook/note to self things all the time!!

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