Ok, so my corn crop failed. Is that a good reason to go a little crazy at the farm stand? Apparently the answer is YES! I had originally thought that I’d get 4 dozen ears of corn to put in the freezer. Then I read on Knitspot* that Anne got 10 quarts of corn out of just 3 dozen ears. I almost reconsidered…

corn on my counter

Then Farmer Nick told me that if I was willing to buy in bulk I could get a whole bag of corn for $24. I’m not very good at passing up that kind of a deal…

So I’ve been processing corn a LOT in the last week. A full bag is somewhere between 6 and 8 dozen ears (I lost count on the first day)

I now have 4 quarts of corn frozen in the blanching broth – these will be for soups and chowders. I have another 2 quarts frozen (also in my plastic freezer boxes) for casseroles and shepard’s pie (so designated because they’re frozen in blocks, and hard to separate out.)

corn in the freezer

I have SIX quarts of corn which was frozen on cookie sheets and the broken up and poured into glass quart jars. I have been either blanching and freezing or breaking up and storing corn almost every night. I have another two loaded cookie sheets that still need to be put in jars- so that’ll probably bring my total to 9 quarts of corn niblets.

And on top of all that I just made 9 half pints (that’s a little bit more than 2 quarts in case you were wondering) of corn and black bean salsa. Hopefully. The pressure canner is cooling in my kitchen but hasn’t released yet. So hopefully it’s full of pretty jars of home canned salsa, and not a horrible mass of broken glass and veggies. What’ll it be? Find out tomorrow!

I love Knitspot. Not only is Anne an amazing designer who I look up to: she also has a garden and puts up even more produce than I do.
I wonder if I could convince her to raise chickens…

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