Champlain Valley Fair

Sometimes it’s good to take an evening off from homework, knitting work, garden work, etc… And go to the fair! where I can look at other people’s knitting work, garden work, preserves, chickens, etc…

We had a taste of spring in the form of maple cotton candy
maple cotton candy
you know, like regular cotton candy, but maple flavored!

And a taste of fall
cider slush
Mmmm, cider

There was old fashioned farm equipment
hay baler

And other people’s farm animals
caution farm animals

The 4-H and farm animals are so much better than the petting zoo animals
miniature horse


Why yes, that ox does weigh over a ton. Bovines are BIG.

It started to get dark, so we went inside to see the prize winning veggies, crafts, and art displays.

The best way to see the midway is after the sun goes down. At which point I had to switch to my cell phone camera, as I couldn’t find the flash override on the fancy one…

Ferris wheell.jpg

View from the top.jpg

After the rides, we had some funnel cake. It’s like fried dough, except better. Because they pour the batter in through a funnel. Which means it’s full of nooks and crevices = more surface area for sugar!

Funnel cakes.jpg



5 responses to “Champlain Valley Fair

  1. Maple cotton candy sounds like a definite improvement over the regular sort. And I can’t wait until the cider starts coming in around here!

  2. I always wondered why there were called funnel cakes…

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