3 months

The meat birds are three months old now. And they’re full sized. The really freaky cornish cross breeds get this big in two months. But three months is still shockingly fast growth. Most laying breeds don’t get to be 8lbs, and the ones that do take over a year…

3 month old bird comparision

The rooster in the back is Thomas, the surprisingly competent 2 year old freedom ranger rooster we kept last winter. He’s the exception to the rule. The rule being that most meat birds seem to die of natural causes within 18 months. It’s as if their whole lifespan is just sped up. And if you look closely at him you can tell he’s got the gnarled feet of a much older chicken.

Still, this year’s batch are pretty happy birds, scratching and dust bathing, and sun bathing. They don’t run around as much as layers. But they’re still living the good life – chicken style.

sun bathing chicken

But the hard part is coming soon.


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