photo shoot time

I had my first real photo shoot with the fancy D60 camera over the weekend. My friend Calley (the camera’s owner) came up to help, and my friend Dana was our model. We’d originally planned the shoot for Saturday evening – to catch the pretty golden light. But the weather forecast was calling for rain by evening. So at the last moment on Friday I asked if they were both available in the morning – and thankfully they were! Friends who are willing to be up and dressed by 7:30am on a saturday are awesome. Especially since Calley lives 1.5 hrs away…

1st shoot 1

The sun filtering down through the clouds that morning was perfect lighting for the photo shoot. And my friend Dana was a perfect model. Calley was the spotter, checking for wrinkles and setting scenes and all sorts of things so I could focus on the shoot.

1st shoot 2

It went wonderfully! And then Calley took her camera home with her. She needs it for a class she’s taking next weekend on food photography with Helene Dujardin. I’m almost as excited about it as she is. It all ties together – more on that later.


8 responses to “photo shoot time

  1. Oooh! I wonder what you’re shooting. It looks pretty . . . and red . . .

  2. Looks like it’s still plenty warm tho – you in short sleeves! – but you can see fall trying to get there in the grasses in the fields. Sigh…..

    • Yup! I was wishing I had shorts by the end of the shoot. My friend Dana was a real trooper wearing all the wool!

      Of course the storms that evening ushered in some pretty serious cold air. Some mountain valleys had a frost warning last night!

  3. Sounds fun! Although maybe not the up by 7:30 on a Saturday part. (Also, I think I know how it all ties together. *grin* )

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