Happy Birthday!

It’s my birthday! And I’m turning 30 (gasp! A round number! How shocking!)

birthday cake

As is traditional for this day all my self-published patterns are 30% off. This just applies to the individual pdfs, not the ebook. Want some suggestions? I have them!

If you’re considering going to a fiber festival this autumn you could pick out something designed specifically for farm yarn like Asters

– $3.50

Or Grand View

grand view kim 2
– $5.60

And since it’s fall now is a perfect time to be knitting Boyden:

boyden open front
– $5.25

Or Catamount

– $4.20

Also maybe you should be thinking about christmas gifts, maybe someone on your list would like Kathryn Margaret:


– $4.20

or Gifford Woods

gifford main
– $3.85

But those are just some of my favorites, you can pick your own!


13 responses to “Happy Birthday!

  1. Happy Birthday Becky! I had no idea we were so close in age (I’ll be 30 in December). I would also add Root Cellar to the list for fall or for a gift. My mom really wants me to knit one of those for her, we just have to get to the yarn store to pick her colors.

  2. Happy Birthday! I hope you have an awesome year. 30 is awesomesauce.

  3. Happy birthday! Oh, to be 30 again…

  4. Happy Birthday!

    30 takes a little getting used to, but isn’t so bad.

  5. I’m slightly over 10 years ahead of you and I have to say 30 isn’t too bad at all. Thanks for the discount too, picked up 2 that have been on the wishlist for a wee while

  6. Happy Birthday Becky! I just picked myself up a Root Cellar. Thanks!

  7. charmingliltrinkets

    Happy birthday!! Hope you had a great one. Thirty is a wonderful milestone in life.

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