Jubjub Bird socks

I think that just because it’s cold and I want to wear thick socks all winter doesn’t mean those socks have to be boring. In that spirit I’m releasing my Jubjub Bird sock pattern today! these stripy socks are written in 5 sizes to fit a whole family

Jubjub hero

Something about the stripes makes me think of Alice in Wonderland. I can’t explain why – they just do:

Jubjub with book

To check out design details and more you can see their page, here. And of COURSE they’re on Ravelry (here) for your queuing pleasure.

Don’t you think “queuing” is a weird word?

Ok, moving on! These socks are knit out of the same sportweight superwash merino as my Lime Sorbet cardi. That’d be Periwinkle Sheep’s Merino Sport. She’s adding some new colors to her store this month, so you can knit stripes in whatever combination makes you happy!

jubjub forked heels

Along with graduated stripes worked out in 5 sizes these socks also have a forked short-row heel. This isn’t a completely new technique, but it is one I haven’t seen in use as often. The forked heel provides a little extra fabric. I find that short row heels are always a bit tight, and then they wear out quickly. These heels should be a great improvement over that!

Jubjub en point

And yes, this is the Alice themed pattern I posted about awhile back. Which means that Annika of NoirBettie will be getting a copy of the pattern!


4 responses to “Jubjub Bird socks

  1. Cute! I like how the striping changes between the foot and the leg.

  2. Cute sock and shoe pairing. Normally I don’t care for socks and formal heels, but I like that.

  3. There’s all kind of stripey goodness in Alice – the cheshire cat’s tail, the caterpiller – two of my favorite book characters. Those socks are awesome. :)

  4. Cute socks Becky and I agree with Anne, there are all kinds of striped goodness in Alice in Wonderland!

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