Deep-Rib vest

The preview of Interweave’s Knit.Wear Fall magazine went live right at the end of last week, and so I have another pattern to show you all! My Deep-Rib vest is knit out of Malabrigo’s merino worsted which is a great yarn for showing off the stretchy, curve hugging vest I designed!

Deep-Rib vest

© Interweave Press

The ribbing in this tunic length vest combines with some simple waist and bust shaping to make a perfectly fitted garment. It’s mirrored in the deep shawl collar which you can either fold back or fold up to keep your neck warm.

Deep Rib collar

© Interweave Press

Interesting factoid – Interweave didn’t change the name of this from my submission! I usually put a lot of thought into my names, but knowing that Interweave generally changes things to fit a theme I skipped that step this time. After submitting I slowly began to realize that something about the Deep-Rib name sounds dirty to me. Whoops!

Deep rib vest

© Interweave Press

There are a lot of really wonderful, wearable (some of the sculptural) designs in this issue, which leads me to another: Knitting Wishlist

These are all things I would knit from knit.wear if I had more hands or more time!

knit.wear designs

1. Knit Purl jacket by Ruth Garcia-Alcantud 2. Lakkos cloche by Cassie Castillo 3. Hourglass Sleeve pullover by Carolyn Noyes 4. Disc cardigan by Heather Zoppetti 5. Gathered blouse by Katya Frankel.

What about you? Which is your favorite?


12 responses to “Deep-Rib vest

  1. What a great collar!

  2. The gathered blouse is right up there, but still #2 in line behind your vest. There are LOT of things on the wish-to-knit list from that issue!

  3. Wow, this looks like it’s going to be an amazing issue. I love that blouse too. The lady in the vest looks cold. I feel better when I imagine her with a turtle neck underneath. And then I start thinking about all the outfits I could pair with that vest….

    I’m going to be in trouble when this issue comes out.

  4. What a lovely vest! And congrats on being published in Interweave!

  5. Oh, this is gorgeous! I don’t usually go for vests, but I may have to knit this one. The collar is fantastic! And the waist ribbing looks like it’d be really flattering.

  6. Congrats! I really like how you integrated the ribbing into the collar. It’s just perfect.

    • Thank you! Working the increases in the center of the ribbing is one of those things that’s really easy to knit and really tricky to explain in words. I think I did a pretty good job of keeping it short and simple, but the collar directions are still almost as long as the body of the vest!

      And let’s not even discuss how long the directions for grafting in pattern are… Luckily Interweave supplied those so I didn’t have to write them out myself!

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