round up

It’s been one of those weeks that is crazy full, but not necessarily great blog material. Last weekend Neil and I processed 12 chickens. The freedom ranger roosters always grow faster than the hens, so we do them first. The coop is a lot more peaceful now and I think the layers are glad to see those boys gone. But it’s a long, hard day of work, and not the kind of work where I feel fulfilled at the end of it.

Since then I’ve made stock (still needs to be canned) made more pasta sauce, finished hulling the dried beans, harvested the last of the broccoli.

I’ve also been doing a lot of computer work. I’ve been fixing layouts for wholesaling (that takes a lot of time in the evenings) The speedy sweater I knit last month is graded, the pattern is written down (and not in the chicken-scratch notebook either) and it’s off to be edited. My blog is all dressed up for fall. I’ve done a lot of photo editing too.

Does anyone want to hazard a guess as to why Microsoft picture manager is making all my photos look dull and gray suddenly? I didn’t used to have this problem, and then I calibrated my monitor. Now the jpgs and tiffs look fine in: photoshop, picture and fax viewer, paint, and anything else that was willing to open a jpg. But in picture manager they look gross. What’s even more confusing is jpgs I saved before calibrating my monitor look fine. It’s only the ones I’ve saved since then. AND if I use the “export for web and devices” setting in photoshop then the pictures look fine. And I could say “well that’s the reason there” except that all those older jpgs that look fine weren’t saved that way. I wish I could say I don’t care, except it’s nice to have a quick way to browse photos. And photoshop is many things, but quick isn’t one of them.

So yeah, life is busybusybusy but not all of it is blog material. I secretly think that’s a good thing.


3 responses to “round up

  1. I can relate … My week has been busy-busy-busy too. I finished an app that will be released very soon. I want to relax a bit but I don’t have time. :(

  2. Busy, busy, busy!! We go into day light saving here in NZ next weekend, the pre-runner for summer, so your winter must be approaching, I am sorry to say] ] Soon enough therefore, you will be able to quietly sit and knit, then eat in front of the fire, and enjoy all the autumn’s, or rather for you, the fall’s hard work you have preserved/canned of your summer’s crops, chhoks and all.

    • Don’t be too sorry, I love winter! It’s part of why I love living here.

      I get such a kick out of your seasons being opposite mine. I mean, I know that’s how the planet works and all. It’s just so cool to hear about!

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