Apple picking

pick your own

We went apple picking this weekend! I know a lot of the orchards in the north east lost their harvest due to the weirdly warm spring which included some nasty crop-killing frosts. Luckily we missed the worst of that.


But their were some varieties that didn’t survive. And the varieties that did, were a lot lighter than usual. This was the LAST weekend for apple picking – and usually it goes well into october!

handsome sweater

The apples that were left were mostly up high. They had the little claw baskets available. But sometimes we wanted apples that were even higher up…

reaching the high apples

We got a lot of macouns and liberties. A few cortlands, and a selection from the old heritage trees that were at the back of the orchard. Best line of the day came when we asked one of the employees what kinds those apples were and he said “oh, you probably won’t like this one.” So then of COURSE we had to try it!

gorgeous day

It was a gorgeous day for apple picking. And now I have a bushel of apples in my kitchen. The liberties will be for eating, while the macouns and heritage breeds will go into the apple chutney and apple sauce I’m planning to make. Of course I still have tomatoes in the fridge… Maybe I’ll make some tomato chutney too…

6 responses to “Apple picking

  1. We haven’t been out picking yet this year now I feel like I have to get on it. Looks like a lovely day.

    • NY was hit really hard and my friend in ME says they have plenty of apples. I think the closer you get to the coast the more the ocean protected against that bad frost…

  2. Yes to the tomato chutney! I made some this weekend and it was divine!

  3. We recently smuggled some apples down here from New York. I don’t think they’ll last another week.

    • I approve! It’s amazing how much better fresh apples are. I mean, we think of apples as being fruit that store and travel well. But even having to smuggle them home they’re much better!

  4. Wow ~ I grew up near this orchard!

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