a return to spinning

It must be autumn. I know, because I’ve started spinning again.

return to spinning

I knit all year ’round. But I know there are people who mainly knit in the fall and winter. That’s how I am with spinning. It drops off in spring and I don’t spin at all during the summer.

little spindle

Don’t know why that is, but it’s the truth. I’m really just a knitter who likes to spin. Not a Spinner with a capital “S.” Part of my spinning revival every fall is due to the fiber festivals. I know I’m going to want to buy fiber at Rhinebeck. But I have trouble justifying that to myself when I haven’t touched last year’s fiber yet.

pretty little cop

This is a friesian wool, blended with mohair and alpaca from the Mountain Fiber Folk. I’m hoping to finish this and then spin my wool/mohair/alpaca/sparkle blend which I picked up at Rhinebeck last year. I think the two will look very nice plied together, don’t you?

blue mohairwool


3 responses to “a return to spinning

  1. I like the idea of blending mohair and alpaca … alpaca fibers tend to be a little slippery – unlike mohair. I imagine this has a fairly crisp hand?

    • Yes it’s quite crisp. In the blend I’m spinning right now the alpaca is less than a third of the fiber. The wool is very crisp and the mohair gives it that nice halo.

      I keep trying to figure out if each fiber is it’s own color, or if they blended all the fibers and then dyed them and then blended again. But I can’t tell…

  2. Lovely fiber Becky! I think one reason I’ve started back to spinning has a lot to do with the fall feeling in the air :)

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