photo shoot locations

A conversation about photo shoot locations came up on ravelry and I realized it was a blog post waiting to happen.

You see, of the 41 patterns for which I’ve done the photography 13 of them were shot on my little 2 acre lot right here around my house.


This might not be shocking if you think I have a big, manicured yard but I really don’t. My front lawn can’t be more than 30×15 feet, and we don’t exactly have a lawn mower (of any kind) so other than weed whacking it a few times a summer it doesn’t get trimmed. Yeah – I’m that house on the road, but it doesn’t matter because I live in the country with 20 odd free ranging chickens and a clothes line*.

So yeah, 14 patterns shot on my property:

at home
Amidon, Asters, Cocktail Hour, Creemee, Foote Brook, Gifford Woods, Hirta, Jubjub Bird, Morningtide, Queen City, Snippet Scarf, So-Called hat, White Clovers, and Winter Foliage.

If you look at those thumbnails you can see a few similarities. But I’m also lucky to have woods, a stubbly field, and a view all in one place. And of course the photos taken against a flat wall or a fabric backdrop are practically cheating. And even more luckily my big west facing dutch doors let enough light inside for indoor photography with outdoor lighting – lucky me!

But wait, there’s more! Another 5 patterns were photographed within 5 miles from my home – which means on my road just up or down the street from my house:

near home
Glorious Morning, Hyssop, Icicles, Kathryn Margaret, and La Moelle.

And anther 10 patterns within 25 miles of my home:

near by
Bewitching Hour, Boyden, Carmi, Currants**, Gnarled, Jay Hat, Kingdom, Nymphaea, Play Time, and Sheep Herder’s hat.

So! Out of 41 photo shoots I’ve done a grand total of 29 (that’s 71%) within 25 miles of my house. So, how do I managed to get such nice photos out of my scruffy yard? I will save that for another post…

*not that the chicken graze the grass – they don’t. Just that if my property were suddenly plopped down in the middle of HOA territory my lawn probably wouldn’t be their first problem.

**Oh dear Lord, don’t look at the photos for Currants, they desperately need to be re-done…


7 responses to “photo shoot locations

  1. Goats can be useful at keeping down grasses. :)

  2. Yeah – I’m that house on the road, but it doesn’t matter because I live in the country with 20 odd free ranging chickens and a clothes line*.

    Yay!!! We’re that house too! Except we have 8 acres, which means there is more not to cut, and the neighbors think we are in the suburbs, so they often cut our lawn “for” us. We only sporadically mow a short distance around the house and the rest is left as wildlife habitat. The neighbors on both sides (one with 5 immaculate grassy acres) are devoted to their riding mowers, fertilizers and chemicals.

    Maybe I need to move to Vermont…

    • Yes! You should totally move to VT (you know, except for all the hard work you’ve already put into your own place) We have a few lawnmower jockeys around. But far, far more people with chickens and goats and cows and hay fields and low-maintenance pastures.

      The down side is it can be hard to sell extra eggs, because everyone either has birds of their own, or already knows a guy… I count this as a good problem to have.

  3. But let’s also comment on the fact you live in VERMONT. Where it is hard to find an un-pretty view except maybe dairy barn farm clean-out in March.

  4. You’re lucky to live in such a beautiful place. All my photos are taken right in the area around where I live too, no need to travel too far for photo shoot.

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