another photoshoot

Calley and I held another photo shoot this weekend.

random tools

Actually, it was more like 4 photo shoots. And it included one indoor – and in cloudy weather that meant supplementing with artificial lights. It was new and different for me, but Calley handled the setup and lighting like a pro! (unlike my camera)

photos of photos

I’d like to put in a request though. The next time we have a photo shoot planned, could it please NOT rain? We had such a crazy dry summer I would never have guessed that we’d have two dates and both would be interrupted by rain. Not that I want more dryness – we still need the water. I just want better timed rain. Picky right?

prepping props

And if you wondering why I’m doing all these photo shoots, well I’m waiting for one more piece to fall into place. I’ll tell you all the details soon!


3 responses to “another photoshoot

  1. Those apples look luscious! I’m glad you were able to get all your photo shoots completed despite uncooperative weather :-)

    • Thanks! My camera made everything much too yellow, but the apples do still look beautiful!

      I’m hoping for better weather in November, but that month is notoriously gloomy…

  2. It sounds like because you had such a dry summer, you are due now for a lot of rain. :( Figures.

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