quick hat project

I’m working up a second version of my Winter Foliage hat.

worsted foliage

The original pattern is published with Ennea Collective and is designed to use little samples of handspun fiber, or scraps of sock yarn. After all, who DOESN’T have scraps of sock yarn?

Well, the answer to that question might be: people who don’t knit socks. So if that’s you I have good news. This new version uses worsted weight yarn.

Each stripe is just about 9 yards, so it’s a great way to get rid of scraps. Or it will be once I’m finished. So far this has been an exercise in “why row gauge matters.” Of course I changed the stitches cast on (obviously) but it takes far fewer worsted rows to make the length of the hat compared to those fingering weight rows.

And then in the fingering version I decreased once every six rounds. In the worsted version I’m decreasing once every THREE rounds. This is something to keep in mind if you’re ever drastically changing yarn weights in a pattern. As you go up in yarn weight you don’t just change how many stitches go into the width, but you need to pay attention to how many rows between decreases. At the center of this hat I CLEARLY need to decrease even faster:

worsted foliage problems

Because right now I have a very odd looking tip on this hat. Can you imagine how not-changing your row gauge would affect the curve of an arm opening?


4 responses to “quick hat project

  1. Ok, so it’s not exactly a traditional crown, but I kind of like it. It could be a purposeful design mod!

    • You’re right, it could be a nice little feature in a new design. But in this case I want the worsted version to have the same shape as the fingering version. So it’s headed to the frog pond.

  2. I like it – it looks a bit forest-gnome-y in that iteration. :)

    • True! I might save this shape for a future design. The funky point looks too much like a condom on a beanie style hat. But it seems to work with the slouchy shape!

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