Stammel sweater

I’m excited to say that I have just released another pattern! My Stammel sweater:

stammel main portrait

Details, as always, on its page here, or on Ravelry.

Stammel is a very simple pullover with a few fancy details. The cap sleeves are gathered at the top and the hems are all trimmed with handspun yarn in a pretty broken garter pattern:

stammel hem and shaping

Like I said, I used handspun for this sweater, but I’ve also swatched several commercial alternatives: Green Mountain Spinnery Mountain Mohair, Peace Fleece Worsted, Harrisville Designs Highland, and Brown Sheep Lamb’s Pride Worsted. In fact, for most of the sizes there’s enough yardage in the Cascade Eco skeins that you could knit this up in just one color if you preferred!

stammel hem options

I have a lot of deadline knitting going on these days, so much so that I didn’t even know if I’d have time to finish a whole sweater this fall (even a short sleeved one)

stammel smooth back

But I’m really glad I found the time for this. I’ve been LIVING in it the last two weeks. If you saw me at the VT Sheep and Wool festival (and I wasn’t wearing my coat) then you saw this top. I’ll be wearing it at Rhinebeck too – assuming the weather cooperates.

stammel back view


2 responses to “Stammel sweater

  1. It came out great – it’d be a wonderful way to use up some smaller yardages too!

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