Autumnal Spring

Last spring I took you on a visit to the water without price spring in Craftsbury Vermont. And now I’d like to take another little trip, this time to a spring in Mongomery, VT. This spring is not as fancy as the first, it’s a simple spigot on the side of a little back road. And what a back road it is.


This is a town maintained road, but further uphill it get too steep to maintain safely in the winter. This road is closed from the first snowfall to the last. But the spring runs year ‘round. In the winter you can visit it (and people do) by parking just below the plow truck turn around and hiking up the trail.

from a distance

When you get there you’ll find a little wall built up to support the spigot. Water runs downhill through a pipe to get here, and it runs fast enough not to freeze during the winter.

up close

Who, I wonder, went through the effort of putting in a pipe and a wall? Who uses this spring, who maintains it? No signs give us any hint to the origins of the spring. But here it sits, providing water to any who desire it.


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