A Book

I have hinted to this several times, and I decided it’s well past time to make an official* announcement! I’m writing a book!!

EEEEeeeeEEEEEEeeeeee! Ahem.

I’m teaming up with Coopertive Press and my friend Calley Hastings at Fat Toad Farm for this endeavor. We’re all very excited because this is a fairly unique idea which (I hope) will appeal to a lot of you. The book will not be just knitting patterns, but knitting patterns combined with cooking and baking recipes.

Calley and I are working together to develop patterns and recipes which are tied together through ingredients, colors, textures, and the seasons. Calley is responsible for many of the recipes on the Fat Toad Farm blog as well as a series on the Burlington Free Press and most recently in the print edition of the Boston Globe.

The recipes will use seasonal ingredients, the patterns will use thoughtfully sourced yarns. We will include suggestions for substitutions and modification in both ingredients, styles, yarns… We believe there’s a lot of similarities between taking a knitting pattern and making it your own sweater and taking a cooking recipe and making it a family favorite.

yarn pile

The process is well started already. Just about all the fall knitting is finished and Calley is polishing those recipes. The winter yarn is rolling in and another round of knitting is under way. I love the feel of this project growing organically through our hands. I love reaching out to my favorite indie dyers and the small farms and mills I’ve always respected to ask them to be partners in our project.

In order to express the seasonal feeling, the ties to the land, that we feel are so important for this project Calley and I are also providing all the photography. This is where the deadline knitting comes in. Rather than having a whole passel of designs that are all due at once I’m working with rolling deadlines. The october project needed to be photographed in conjunction with the foliage. The February design needs to be done while there’s snow on the ground. This connection to the seasons is actually a change from my normal design process. For most magazine publications I’m working on winter designs just as spring arrives.

So if I seem a bit preoccupied, or if the knitting photography seems a little thin around here for the next 10 months please excuse me. Know that I’m busy behind the scenes!

On that note, we do have a request. Over the next year we’ll be looking for test knitters AND test cooks. If you’re interested please leave a comment below. Make sure the e-mail address you provide is a good one and I’ll get in touch with you about your preferences. We’ll need all volunteers to agree to keep the details of their work secret until the book is published. But once it is you’ll be welcome (and encouraged) to write a blog post, put details on ravelry, post food photos to flickr, and tell all your friends!

*As opposed to the unofficial announcement I made on twitter, if you’re wondering where else you’ve seen this.


20 responses to “A Book

  1. Becky, I would love to test knit for you!! I enjoy your patterns. I am working on Boyden right now.

    I am not much into cooking-that is the boyfriends domain!

    Hope to hear from you!!

    Kim (Imkim on Ravelry)

  2. Yaaaaay! I’m so excited for you! My husband will gladly volunteer me to be a test cooker. I think you have my updated email address (gmail) but if not I’ll send it to you. :)

  3. I have no time to test knit, but I would love to do some test cooking for you! My family has to eat. Of course Florida’s idea of seasonal produce might not work in those constraints, but let me know if I can help1

  4. I would love to test knit for you. Your designs are lovely!

  5. I would love to test knit! I’m “Katinka” on Ravelry, if you want to get an idea of my past projects/skills. I’m a sucker for pretty cables (as evinced by my recent purchases of Kathryn Margaret and Grand View).

    That’s exciting news for you! I love what Cooperative Press does.

  6. Whee! I would love to test cook/bake anything vegetarian, and may be convinced to do test knitting if you need extra hands. O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful, wonderful, and yet again wonderful!

  7. This is really exciting! I love the entire idea and can’t wait to buy a copy of the book. I would be honored to test knit, cook or bake if you can use me.

  8. Hi Becky
    I would love to help either way, knitting or cooking (prefer the former…or both!)

  9. Congradulations on beginning to write a book, and I wish you all the luck with the process!

    I would be happy to both test knit and try out some of the recipes. I’m partial to baking, but if I got together with my mom we could probably handle just about anything!

  10. What a great announcement, congratulations! I’d love to test for you, both or either knitting and cooking (anything vegetarian!). I’m sarahglor on rav, and I’ve test cooked for a cookbook before – Parents Need to Eat Too (which is great, if anyone with kids–or not–is looking for an awesome resource).

  11. i have lots of time….love to test knit smaller items. would test cook vegetarian recipes, as i am quasi gourmet (veg/vegan) cook!

  12. I would love to be a test cook, and possible knitter as well (I have a lot less time for that, but this project is so exciting I’d try to make some).

  13. Oh, I would love to test both! I haven’t done a ton of testing in the past, but I’m experienced at both the baking and the knitting.

  14. Hooray!

    Feel free to add me to the list of test cook volunteers. Since cooking is NOT my strength I should be able to offer valuable feedback on the clarity and forgiveness of each recipe :)

    So excited for you. Can’t wait to hear more.

  15. That is so awesome! Two beautiful ladies putting more beauty in the world! Send me on over some recipes! Enjoy the ride!

  16. Wowyou are writing a book that encompasses 2 of my favorite things to do. Include me on the list of people who would love to test for you.
    I have done a fair it of test knitting already

  17. Would love to be a “tester” and I can keep a secret! Thanks!

  18. Already test-knitting :-D I’m so excited for you and for this project!

  19. I would love to test cook!

  20. Might be too late, but I’d love to test cook! (I’d love to test knit, too, but I’m only an intermediate knitter so I don’t want to oversell my skills!) I just started following your blog, from the link on your U2 socks (love!) in Tangled. Good luck on the book!

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