Hiya Hiya sharps

I was swatching this nifty little stitch pattern recently.

hint of knitting*

And the swatch wanted me to p3tog, yo, and then p3tog again all with the same three stitches**.

For the first swatch I figured I should do just what the stitch pattern directed before making modifications in the second and third swatches.

Faced with the prospect of LOTS of p3togs I thought this would be a perfect opportunity to test out my new(ish) Hiya Hiya sharp dpns.

Hiya hiya dpns

These found their way home with me from TNNA (yes, way back in June) and I’ve been looking for an excuse to test drive them and let you know how they work ever since.

And you know what? I’m sad I waited this long! These needles are beauties. The tips are (as advertized) sharp. They’re not stiletto sharp, but then I’ve pricked my fingers on those suckers so it’s ok for some needles to be a little less dangerous.

They’re certainly sharper than Addi lace needles though. And unlike the addis these pretty needles are made of stainless steel. So if you’re allergic to the nickel, brass, etc… class of needles you should really give these a shot!

The steel is very slick and makes for quick knitting too. Even better, I suspect the needles are hollow because they are a very light weight for their size. It’s almost a shock the first time you hold them. I haven’t tried too hard, but this doesn’t seem to put them in any danger of bending either.

So these needles are: sharp, slick, strong, and stainless steel == definitely worth a try***! Find out if your LYS carries them!

*Pardon the dark photos. Apparently it’s that time of year again. Already.
**Don’t worry, I figured out how to make those k3togs – still a little tricky but not nearly so bad!
***See what I did there? Yay alliteration!

(Please note that I did receive these needles free for review purposes. However my opinions are my own, I won’t review something I don’t truly enjoy and think that you will like.)


2 responses to “Hiya Hiya sharps

  1. Okay … clearly I just HAVE to try these needles! (Oh dear … more to add to my stash of fiber art supplies!)

  2. it sounds like an interesting stitch.
    I bought a couple of hiya needles to try out when I was a wisconsin sheep and wool festival. and I do like them. I got a circular needles and a set of sock needles. now maybe I will have to keep my eyes open for a pair of sharps.

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