Happy Rhinebeck!

I’m a bit like a kid on christmas eve!

rhinebeck or bust

I’m going to Rhinebeck tomorrow!! I’m SO EXCITED! Amy and Dana and I hit the road tomorrow (but not in that van above, we’re not that cool) We’ll be at the festival ALL WEEKEND! Wheeee!!


You’ll be able to recognize me. I’ll be the one with more flair than is really necessary… I’m playing Rhinebeck Bingo again this year, but feel free to come say hi even if you’re not playing.

I’ve got my knitterly outfits all planned out. Sunday day I’ll be wearing Stammel. But Saturday I’m really excited – I’ll be wearing my design for What Else would Madame Defarge Knit! I’m just going to be a walking preview all day.

So if you’re going too I hope I’ll see you there! I’m kinda bad at names, so, um, if I don’t recognize you right away please forgive me. I swear I’m friendly!


One response to “Happy Rhinebeck!

  1. Love the saying on the van!!

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