Rhinebeck Recap

Rhinebeck tree.jpg

This was possibly the most beautiful Rhinebeck yet (it’s only my 3rd). Blue skies and white puffy clouds greeted us Saturday morning- which was a welcome change from the sheeting rain we drove down in on Friday*.


The crowds on Saturday got intense at times but the fairgrounds are big enough that it’s always possible to find a quiet corner where we could sit, knit, and watch the sweaters go by (and the alpacas and llamas.)

Camelid parade.jpg

We got there first thing that morning and were at the front of the line. My friends Amy and Dana love Cephalopod yarns so we headed there first before the booth got too crazy.

Cephalopod booth.jpg

I love the Ravelry meet up. It’s a break from all the shopping to actually hang out and talk with other knitters. I met Ann who chose Boyden for he Rhinebeck sweater. She totally made the whole weekend for me! And I visited with some fellow designers (Triona from Triona Designs and Danielle from Makewise Designs pictured)

boyden.jpg designers.jpg
(That thing with the cable I’m wearing? It’s a sneak peak. But I can say I think you should go pre-order your very own copy of What Else Would Madame Defarge Knit. Do it now.)

I didn’t mean to buy a lot of yarn, I swear… But ended up coming home with 2 skeins of sock yarn for socks. Another 1400 yds in two colors for a sweater. Some lace weight and some fiber. I thought I was being good and not buying a spindle. But I think next time I’ll just get one. They take up less space!

just a little yarn.jpg
(why yes, these are ALL crappy cell phone pictures. Some more crappy than others)

Possibly my favorite purchase is the pottery though. I LOVE my new casserole dish with the goats on it!

* Sheeting rain, 5 accidents, and a 24 mile detour in Albany where they’d closed 87 entirely…


8 responses to “Rhinebeck Recap

  1. Looks like you had a great time! I see you have the same purple problem that I have…..

  2. Are you sure you spelled “sheeting” right? I think less “e’s” and another “i” might be more correct. :P

    But glad you had a wonderful time and yeah – I totally dig the pottery too!

  3. You dress was beautiful! But I couldn’t remember the name, so I’ll now link it in the blog post…

  4. What, no pictures of your bloomers? :-)

    Great to meet you in Rhinebeck! There’s a picture of you on my blog too.

    • I’m purposefully cropping the photos of that dress preview short. I don’t want to completely steal the thunder on that pattern release. I’m not worried about it on other people’s blogs, but I figure for my own the pattern should get a proper introduction first.

      But those bloomers were certainly a hit! Who knew so many people would like some knitted pants?

  5. It was so great to meet you, Becky, I loved meeting up :) I hope to share my picture of us soon, too, once I get my broken camera back. (It’s a long story heh.)

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