Believe it or not, my Rhinebeck trip includes a lot of knitting time. Not at the festival of course, that time is for shopping and hanging out with friends. But my friend Amy likes to drive, so that gives me 10 hours round trip for knitting – or 11 hours if we have to take a detour through Albany…

So what did I knit for my 10 extra hours? Well I have a bunch of designs in progress but NONE of them were ready for knitting. I thought I was going to grade a sweater on Thursday night. That plan was clearly insanity, I was much too excited and distracted.

Roam tunic.jpg

So I took along my Roam tunic. Having something I can knit without having to give it a lot of thought is important to me. Roam is fun and just cable-y enough to be interesting. AND! It’s now more than half done.


3 responses to “Roaming

  1. A great color for you – it’ll be wonderful for the fall.

    Obviously Amy rocks. She was right about the Fibre Company yarn too! :)

  2. It’s so pretty! Gorgeous cables and I love that green.

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