Rhinebeck stash acquisition

It’s that time of year when I have to bring things with me to work if I want daylight pictures. So I can finally show you what I added to my stash last weekend!


Ustler fiber

My plan was to buy fiber because I don’t need more yarn right now. Um yeah. I got just these two batts. But they’re very nice batts! Both came from the Ustler county spinning group (gild? something) and my plan is to spin them woolen and ply them together. My woolen spinning needs the practice.

Long stripe lace yarn:

freia lace

This was a total impulse purchase. I don’t even knit that many shawls. But look at the colors! So pretty! I couldn’t resist.

Sock yarns:

cosmic STR

They don’t count as stash, right? The red is STR mediumweight, I’ve never used it before and I’m excited to try. The grayish-purple with green is Cosmic Fibers Andromeda. I got it at the holidome the night before the festival even started.

More sock yarn:


These don’t count as sock yarn stash, because I’m planning on making a sweater out of them. The plum is Periwinkle Sheep’s wink yarn. The green is Silver Moon Farm’s superwash merino. I’d like to make Moore with them. I’m not sure where I think I’ll find the time though.

purse handle

My final purchase was another spur of the moment. I was in the Homestead Heirlooms both full of gorgeous leather purse handles. I figured they’d be expensive, and when they weren’t I decided I might get one. Then I found the ones with sunflowers and I KNEW IT WAS MEANT TO BE.

So, um, yeah. That was slightly more yarn than I’d intended to buy. But I stuck to my budget exactly so it’s probably fine. I’m sure I’ll knit it all eventually, right?


5 responses to “Rhinebeck stash acquisition

  1. I feel sure you’ll find all kinds of fun things to make – great selection! And in budget too – FTW!

  2. I like how most of these yarns “don’t count”! But they’re all beautiful and totally worth buying, anyway.

  3. So much pretty! I love that long-stripe lace yarn. The colours are fabulous!

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