Baby shower

My mom and I successfully put together a surprise baby shower for my sister Rachel! This is impressive because we’re not exactly party planners (or very good at surprises)

beautiful box

Miraculously we pulled it off!

baby gifts

I (of course) knit my gifts. The first is the baby blanket which I’ve shown here a few times.

baby blanket folded

I finished it in plenty of time, and then ignored the blocking until the very end. So I was a little surprised by the final size.

baby blanket draped

But it’s just about perfectly crib sized! I used the same eyelet pattern which is featured in one of my shawl designs for the body. The edging is a knitted on border, improvised from a shetland lace edging.

baby blanket edge

I fudged the corners with some short rows as I came to them. Each is a little unique… The triangles are wider on the long sides to add some extra width. I’d left more yarn than needed for the edging and wanted to use up as much as possible.

The yarn is Webs Valley Superwash, two massive hanks of 100% superwash merino. This is the kind of yarn that makes non-knitters go “wait, this is WOOL?!” because it’s just that soft.

The second gift I didn’t blog about so it would be a complete surprise. It’s Joeli’s Rice Pudding cardigan.

baby rice pudding

I knit this out of Knitpicks Swish tonal yarn in a sunshine-y yellow. This is another superwash merino. I wanted to knit things for my sister which she could wash and dry. But I wanted to stick to wool, which I believe is much better for babies than acrylic. I highly recommend both these yarns as lovely, soft, and affordable wools for babies.

baby sweater close up

Joeli’s pattern is quick, fun- and written for an aran weight yarn. So I followed the stitch count directions for the third size, and came up with a sweater that’s about 20″ around. Hopefully that’ll be perfect for a baby who will be born at the end of December!


5 responses to “Baby shower

  1. I love the blanket! Those eyelets, plus that border. Very cool!

  2. Bet the new little one will get a TON of wear out of both of those – they are wonderful!

  3. Love the little sweater pattern and the chunkiness of the wool. Bet it went quickly!

  4. The blanket is great, it looks very comfy and warm! And the sweater, what a lovely and cheerful colour. <3

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