veggie soup

Sometimes my soups come together like this:

What can I throw into this pot?

This is one of those meals. I picked up my bulk order of winter veggies tonight and knew I wanted to make a veggie soup. In fact I challenged myself to make this soup without even using a meat based stock. And it worked pretty well too!*

veggie soup

The most important step, for my soup anyway, was to get the beans going in the morning. I threw them into the little crockpot (this is the one meant for dips, it’s PERFECT for cooking dried beans) with twice as much water and walked out the door.

I came home (unloaded 290lbs of veggies) and chopped onion, carrot, potato, and garlic. These went into a pot on medium heat with some olive oil. Then I walked the dogs.

I came back and started throwing things into the pot. First the beans and their juice. Then some broccoli, cauliflower, kale, green beans, sweet corn, quinoa, and some crazy mixture of spices.

Honestly just add anything that you’ve got lying around. Well, except for beets, they would change everything…

veggie soup2

And yes, I made bread too. I even started it the night before in hopes that it’d be a little like sourdough. But no luck. So while it’s perfectly tasty I’m still a bit sad that it’s not what I wanted.

*hint: lots of spices. In fact this wasn’t quite right to my taste-buds until I added the smoked mixture Penzeys sells to put on steaks. There’s no steak in the mix, but still it felt like cheating.


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