Knit along with me?

I was thinking about something the other day. Designing a book is great fun behind the scenes: choosing yarns, working with dyers, taking some GORGEOUS photography (if I do say so myself) But you know what the trouble is? I can’t share any of it. Well, at least I have a co-author I can share things with. I don’t know how people writing books on their own manage. It’s a little funny to say that working in private can be isolating when pretty much all the knitting work I do is online anyway. But that’s the way it feels.

So I thought the perfect way to fix this would be with a knit-along! So let’s make this happen!

I have a lot of mitt patterns and you know what? I think this is the perfect season for knitting fingerless mitts. They’re awesome for walking the dogs in the late afternoon. They’re great for picking up eggs on a chilly saturday morning. They’re great for typing when it’s a bit cold, or taking photos, or just as a fun accessory. Wrists (like ankles) are temperature regulation points. So putting on a pair of fingerless mitts can make your whole self feel warmer.

hands on1

Because of all those awesome features they make great gifts too! In fingering weight yarn they knit up faster than a pair of socks (really a pair of mitts is just a little more yardage than a single sock) So those worsted Sun Dial weight mitts = super-fast. If you live someplace warm you could try the Pianissimo mitts in lace weight yarn. Like I said, there’s something for everyone.

So come on over to Ravelry* and sign up for the knit along! Choose your favorite yarn and pick one of my fingerless mitt patterns. I’m going to be hosting this knit-along on Ravelry because it’s much easier for people to share photos and link to their project there. Which is important because that’s how I’m going to track finish projects for the prizes.

Did I mention there will be prizes?! I will be diving through my own personal stash to pick some goodies. Everyone who finishes a mitt project as part of this knit along will be entered. Finish more than one pair of mitts designed by me? Then you’ll be entered more than once!

gifford vertical

So if you’re interested in knitting some mitts with me and possibly winning some yarn join the knit along! I’ll kick it off next monday when I start a pair of fingerless mitts of my own and announce the prizes. That gives you a week to choose yarn and a pattern (and get a head start if you want). The knit along will run until December 24th. I think these make great gifts so you should hopefully have them done by then. I’ll give everyone a week to get photos and projects added to Ravelry and I’ll draw the prizes on the 31st. It’s going to be great fun.


*If you don’t have a Ravelry account yet I hope you’ll join us. It’s free, and there’s no wait list or anything anymore.


7 responses to “Knit along with me?

  1. I never thought about how lonely and isolating the process of putting together a book could be. I’m glad you have a co-author so you have someone to share all of the joys & frustrations with.

  2. Yay! Fingerless gloves make such great gifts, and this gives me just the excuse I’ve been looking for to cast on another pair… ;-)

    I’ve never written a book, much less a knitting book, but I always feel a little bit the same when I’m doing all my Christmas knitting – I’m just ACHING to post pics and progress reports and blog about it all and I CAN’T! So frustrating! And with a book you have to endure it for a lot longer than just a few months – I can’t imagine…

    • Oh it’s pretty much the same excited feeling as when you have knitted a really awesome christmas gift and you can’t wait for the other person to open it – except the waiting lasts a whole year…

  3. Well, I do have some extra lace weight lying around. This is so tempting!

  4. I’m totally in! Just went and chose a couple patterns and posted to the group.

    I think I need to stop coming up with things to knit in November… :D

  5. I still have three pairs of socks and a tea cosy on my to-knit list before Christmas, but I think I’ll have to jump in on this! (Although I’ve already knit three of your mitt designs. Now I have an excuse to try one of the others! :D )

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