Anne of Wooly Wonka Fibers has announced her 2013 clubs! This year the patterns are all inspired by literary heroines. Once again she’ll have an accessories club and a shawl club and once again I’ll be designing one of the shawls. The 2012 club included Glorious Morning- my first full sized lace weight shawl. And this year my idea is just as big an undertaking for me to design!

My design will be the winter shawl and it is inspired by Eowyn from The Lord of the Rings trilogy. If you’ve only seen the movies Eowyn is given short shrift in them. In the books she is independently minded and plays a vital role. And that’s all I’m gonna say about that because you should just go read the books Right. Now.

Or, you know, at the end of this post. Because I want to tell you about the yarn. Actually I’ll let Anne tell you:

“The first and last colors are the usual kind of “mostly solids” I tend to dye, and the middle color is a blend of those, plus a few highlights to pull some other colors. The colors in the group are all named for horses in the books: Snowman, Hasufel, Brego, and go from a pale warm buttercream through a chromed bay.”

Yup, the yarns are all the colors of horses. I’m letting my inner horse girl out for the design itself as well…

It probably says something about my tastes in books that when Anne invited me to design for this club I made a big long list of heroines: everyone from Eowyn to Katniss Everdeen… And then I was shocked to see that none of the ladies I passed over were chosen by any of the other designers.

But there are some wonderful heroines in the mix, and there’s something for everyone’s literary tastes. And that’s as it should be. I highly recommend the shawl club or the accessories club, Anne’s colorways are always gorgeous and the list of designers is pretty awesome too!


2 responses to “Heroines

  1. Congrats on the design! I totally agree with you- Eowyn got shafted in the movies. All she does is moon after Aragorn. And now I want to re-watch all of the movies. So much for getting some homework done this weekend!

  2. You know what? I had a full page list and only one got duplicated off my wish-list and it was Eowyn. If you hadn’t spoken for her, I was gonna! Apparently this is very long list of good ideas for a bunch of designers – I was thrilled with all the different concepts. :)

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