conference knitting

I’m off to another work conference this week. So I hope you don’t mind that I’ve abandoned you. Well I haven’t completely abandoned you. I’ve got my phone so I’m still answering e-mails, tweeting, and I’ll be in ravelry to keep up on the mitt-along excitement.

But other than that I’m COMPLETELY* disconnected.

So let’s talk about what I’m knitting while I’m gone. This is a DNA conference. So I need simple things that I can knit under the table while I’m also taking notes and otherwise paying attention.

So what do I knit? The answer is socks. I always knit socks at conferences. They’re small, portable, easy to drop whenever I need to write something down. And I can pack a month’s worth of knitting in a carry on. Because let’s face it. I need to bring extra knitting – just in case. Right?!

What I really want to knit at a DNA conference is Denature (obviously) but those cables would take too much attention.

conference yarn

For a week’s worth of travel, a hotel room, and knitting under conference tables I’ve packed three sock projects, and a shawl for working in the evenings. The socks are a variety of yarns in simple patterns. I need patterns which I can easily memorize and read. These are Monkeys, Skyp socks, and Herringbone socks just waiting to happen.

Do I think I’ll finish all three? Of course not! If I thought I had time to knit three pairs of socks I’d have at least 4 pairs packed. Because it’s important to always have a backup.



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