French onion soup

This is my 4th Bread & Soup post in 4 weeks. And you’ll notice I planned one in advance for while I was traveling. Clearly this is a thing. Ok enough gloating. Onward! French Onion soup – this meal is bread and soup, all in a single bowl! Neil made it over the weekend and I was all “oh goodie! A blog post!”


We follow the America’s Test Kitchen recipe, so this soup starts with FIVE POUNDS of onions, peeled, sliced, and placed in a well oiled dutch oven. Then there’s an elaborate set of steps: cooking down, mixing, cooking down, seasoning, cooking down, scraping up, adding sherry, and cooking down some more. I don’t really know what goes on here because Neil’s in charge of this part. But after 3.5 hours the soup is brown, thick, and all those onions take up only one and a half inches at the bottom of the pan.

full of onions

Next comes the broth, some more spices, and Neil making a fresh baguette from scratch. Have I mentioned yet that I love this soup? It’s almost as awesome as Neil.

french onion soup time

When the bread is done we slice it, pour the soup, layer everything together with some excellent cheese on top, and throw it under the broiler just until the cheese melts. YUM! Thank you Neil!


2 responses to “French onion soup

  1. Looks delicious – but I must say, it needs to include “click here to order a Neil” . . . .

  2. Oh that looks so yummy!!!

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