conference socks

alternate title for this post: in which important lessons are learned.

I made it through my conference last week, and I got a lot of sock knitting done! (1.5 pairs, aka, only half of what I brought) But those socks are all for gifts so instead I’m going to show you a pair of conference socks that have been in hibernation.

conference socks4

These are some Plymouth happy feet socks started during a spring conference. There is no pattern, because I made it up as I went along. They have 4st faux cables on the sides and little 2st faux cables in the ribs. The cables come to a point above the toe, which I thought would be super clever. But when I got there on the first sock I couldn’t design a neat closure while paying attention, so they just got fudged into place. It works, but I’m not super-happy with it so these won’t become a real design…

conference socks3

Lesson 1) I should not think I can design and pay attention at the same time.

The other issue is the fit. These socks look ok, but they’re really pretty tight. I had thought at the time that making 60 stitch socks would go faster than 64 stitch socks. Well, I was right about that, but they’re pretty tight fitting. And I know from experience that happy feet tends to shrink up a bit (just a quarter inch or so) during the first few washings and wearings. Usually a little shrinking isn’t a problem, but with socks that are already tight? I think I need to find someone with smaller feet than me who will properly enjoy these socks…

conference socks

Lesson 2) cutting stitches to make a project go faster isn’t really a good idea.

Too bad, because over all, they’re really very nice socks!


11 responses to “conference socks

  1. They do look very pretty! Maybe it’s worth re-visiting the idea on another pair to write-up? Because I really do like the look of them…

  2. I really like the little cables up the side of the toe! Do you have a pattern for them, or can you explain? Also, are they knit toe up? Seems like it to me, but what do I know? ;-)

  3. They are still pretty tho, and I would wager some happy soul (sole?) will get a lot of great wear out of them!

  4. I have small feet! I am just saying.

  5. They look kinds like flip flops! Adorable :-)

  6. They’re very pretty! I think you should write up the pattern, because I would love to knit these but I don’t have the patience to figure out what you did with the cables on the foot and toe :)

  7. I’m with Kat, they look like flip flops. They could be winter flip flops for summer dreamers. Awesome what you can come up with on the fly!

  8. So glad you decided to publish this pattern.

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