fall gardening

The past few years I’ve had lots going on in the garden in fall: sweet peas and spinach and lettuce and all sorts of things.

This year a mole (or something) ate the roots and killed all my seedlings in September.

Then I was feeling super-busy in October and barely got any work done in my garden at all. Neil and I did have the bonfire I’d been threatening since the squash bugs got crazy* but nothing else.

When November hit I realized I was operating on borrowed time. Garlic should really be planted in October.

seed garlic

The soil was still workable so I picked up some seed garlic from my local organic farm and in the ground they went! I even think leaving the garden fence open means the dogs and the cats have cleared up my mole problem.

The other thing that needed to happen was digging up my glads. I have a growing collection** of gladiolus bulbs, but they can’t over winter in the soil in Vermont. So every fall I dig them up and store them in a brown paper bag. Next spring they go back into the soil. They must be happy this way because most of the plants double or triple each year!

So now I’m really ready for winter – and only a few weeks late. These next few days will be filled with baking and cooking and prepping for Thanksgathering, my favorite holiday!

*leading to me wandering through my garden mumbling “burn them, burn them with FIRE”

**literally growing. And not just because I keep buying more different colors.


2 responses to “fall gardening

  1. Definitely on borrowed time with your garlic although it’ll be fine im sure!

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