book progress

This is a funny sort of progress… I got 13.5 inches up the length of the back of this sweater only to figure out my math was off. My gauge matches my swatch perfectly, so I’m not sure what made me cast on so many stitches. But when I checked the width (and why didn’t I do that earlier??) I was over by a full inch.

A full inch doesn’t seem like much right? But anyone who’s knitted a sweater knows that when you really care about fit that inch can make all the difference.

So I frogged THE WHOLE THING. Yup. I had just spliced in a new skein too. So I took the mess up to my ball winder, fished the far end off the ball, and started winding. I re-wound that whole new ball and then kept going. With this lovely smooth superwash wool it frogged very easily and with the ball winder it frogged VERY quickly.

purple yarn

And now I have a massive ball of yarn, and I’m casting on the correct number of stitches. Luckily this sweater isn’t due for its day with the camera until January…


4 responses to “book progress

  1. If it were just another project, I would have totally found someone slightly bigger than me to receive it. I guess you can’t do that with book samples!

  2. Frogged? Can you define this?

  3. That’s a whole lot of frogging. How sad! But what a gorgeous yarn.

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