thanksgiving leftovers soup

This soup is coming to you curtsey of one of my cousins. She made it for friday night pot luck at our thanksgathering event and I thought it was brilliant.

It’s a white bean and squash soup, but it just uses bean, an onion, and leftovers from thanksgiving dinner. This is a sort of general recipe. I’m not going to give you amounts because I don’t know them. But the soup could be thicker or thinner depending on how you like it – so amounts really shouldn’t matter too much.

leftover soup onion

Start by simmering white beans in leftover turkey juices until tender (making stock out of the leftover turkey bones is a good way to get this juice without having to cut back on your gravy intake)

Next brown an onion in fat (bacon fat is always tasty), add leftover squash, the beans and their juices, and whatever spices you like. I’d suggest thyme, rosemary, and sage, or ginger and curry.

leftover soup

Salt and pepper to taste. Serve with leftover sweet breads (apple bread in this case, but I’m sure pumpkin or banana bread would be good too!)


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