November Guest

Yesterday I made a passing mention to my newest pattern: November Guest is now available! This cowl pattern uses a stitch pattern which is easy to work but looks deceptively tricky.

November Guest hero

The pattern, as always, can be favorited and queue on Ravelry. And you can also read more details over here. the PDF is just $5 and includes tips for using up as much of a very special skein of yarn as you possibly can.

I knit this yarn to show off the gorgeous drape and the delicate bloom of Kim’s Leisel yarn – a blend of wool and angora from her bunny Leisel.

november guest full view

If you can’t use angora yarn (some people are allergic to bunnies!) then I’d recommend another special, soft yarn with a good halo; cashmere or bison should do the trick nicely.

cowl layered

The cowl feels like a cloud wrapped around your neck. It’s perfect for keeping drafts out of you coat, and keeping a chill off your shoulders. Since it only takes 150 yards of fingering yarn you can easily whip one up in time for Christmas – or in time to wear it out of the house and into the oncoming gloom and chill of winter.

cowl gentile

As you can see, I had two photo shoots for this cowl, I love the outdoors images, but felt the scenery really overwhelmed the delicate nature of the cowl’s stitch pattern.

november guest silly

Of course I struggled with the serious nature of the second photo shoot in other ways…


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