Beef and kale soup

Here’s another soup that I threw together at the end of a long day. The main ingredients are leftover roast and the kale that really needed to be used up before it went bad.

beef and kale soup

I started by cutting off the gristly bits, covering them with water, adding a bay leaf, and boiling. This was to get all the flavors out. Believe it or not gristle and cartridge are what give meat stocks body and gloss. Yum. And you don’t have to worry about over cooking anything here. Because after 30 minutes I strained out all the chewy bits and gave them to the dogs.

Then I tossed in the cubed leftover beef and some carrots along with rosemary and a smoky spice mix designed to go well over beef. Simmered all this for awhile longer. When the carrots were just getting tender I added the pasta and the kale strips.

beef and kale soup2

This is a soup I don’t think will get better with time. It’s tastiest when the kale is just cooked but still very green. If you let it sit or try to reheat it later the kale will lose its color and probably its vitamins too.

beef and kale soup3


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