fruitcake redux

Last year I posted my fruitcake recipe and I suggested some possible alternatives such as apple cider instead of rum. This year I pulled out the recipe and actually tried a few.

fruitcake finished

I made a fruitcake to bring to knitting, and since there were going to be children I used the cider instead of rum substitute. It was delicious!

fruitcake chopped

I also have several friends who are gluten free, so this cake was made with 1 cup of buckwheat flour and a 1/2 cup of rice flour. As someone who loves her wheat I actually think this was one of the better gluten free baked goods I’ve ever made. The first day the cake still had a bit of the graininess that goes with rice flour. But after a week soaking in the cider that graininess went away completely.

fruitcake mixed fruit

Since fruitcake is meant to be soaked for awhile anyway I think this is a fine idea.

fruitcake spices

I always introduce my fruitcake as being delicious, and nothing like those horrible hard things you (shouldn’t) buy in the store. And this year I had several people who apologized for not liking my fruitcake. So I feel like there should be some caveats. This is still a very dense* spice cake. If you don’t like carrot cake, ginger bread, plum pudding, etc… you might not like this fruitcake either. But if you DO like those things? Try it, it’s delicious.

*although another friend who enjoys fruitcake commented how light it is, comparatively.


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