they’re still here

This time of year I tend to skimp on the chicken content. There’s just not much to talk about. But don’t worry, they’re still here.

sheltered ladies

They’ve just taken shelter in a sunny, protected spot to keep out of the wind. Well, except for Thomas. He’s standing guard just the way a good rooster ought to. I’m afraid he’s getting old for a meat bird, but he’s still the prettiest rooster around.

thomas the friendly rooster

The new birds are getting pretty big. Well, the barred rocks are. The squirrely little white birds are still little and white. And squirrely, someday maybe they’ll learn I’m the source of food; but not yet.

new birds

Out of the 6 straight run birds I think we’ve got two roosters. Can you figure out which ones I suspect? If I’m right the roos should start crowing (and the ladies start laying) sometime in the next month. Then at last we’ll be able to stop buying eggs…

7 responses to “they’re still here

  1. I love the chickens. Wish I could have some. They are pretty and make adorable sounds.

  2. Sally Wilkins (aka Mom)

    Michelle says 6 of her 8 are roosters. She’s hoping to find someone who wants pets. . . .

  3. He is a very handsome rooster and yes, the Barred Rocks are very pretty. The white ones will become beautiful very soon, I am sure :-)

  4. I love Barred Rocks – I had 6 of em when we lived in VT, all girls, who went happily off to a friend’s place when we moved to Utah. You know… JUST before they started laying properly…..

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