I’m SO CLOSE to finished with the second sleeve. There’s just one little problem

sleeve cap reckoning.jpg

I don’t think I have enough yarn here. I still have 1 inch of sleeve plus an entire sleeve cap. I knew this was coming. When I finished the first sleeve it weighed in at 82 grams, and the remaining yarn only weighed 78g. That’s just not a good sign.

Along with the scant remains of the skein pictured above you’ll notice I have the leftover bit of the skein I used for the back of the sweater, and the little bit of swatch that I worked. And that’s it. This yarn came straight from the dyer (periwinkle sheep, of course! The bad flash photo does no justice to her gorgeous colors) and I have the entire dye lot right here.

But I do have an ace up my sleeve! This sweater has a shawl collar. I knit the collar first, before I’d done all the math for the body. So the collar is 62 inches long, and it only needs to be 60 inches.

No matter what I’m going to be seaming this sweater with some other yarn…


One response to “Reckoning

  1. Good luck! I hope the numbers work out.

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