Winter trees

I’m practicing a decidedly old fashioned Christmas this year. Along with fruitcake and a coffee bread with a recipe that starts with “scald the milk” we did not get our tree until this week. I certainly won’t be taking it down on the 26th either. I’ll probably leave it up until January 6th (that’s the 12th day of Christmas, after all)


We get our tree every year from Northern Vermont Llama Co. – that’s right there are llamas in this Christmas tradition of mine.


Usually we go out into the trees and pick one that’s so big the two of us struggle to drag it back up the hill. This year the owners told us they were giving the trees a year off from pick-your-own. They had trees already picked for us, or we could still pick our own if we wanted one over 10 feet.

tall trees

Oh no, we thought – that’d be huge. So we selected a nice 8 foot tree. The first sign that something was amiss occurred when Neil picked our tree up with one hand – one handed and his back has been acting up recently.

Then when we got it home setting it in the stand was easy, the lights that barely covered the last two trees were plenty, I have extra ornaments I didn’t hang…

tree 2012

It is a beautiful tree, and it does fill out the corner of our living room so prettily. But let’s compare, here is our tree from 2010.


Apparently we usually buy 10 or even 12 foot trees – and we never knew it! Oh yeah, and I picked up a needle felting kit from my Christmas tree farm, as you do…


4 responses to “Winter trees

  1. The tree is beautiful, Becky! And since I’m Jewish and have never had a tree I am certainly no expert, but looking at this years tree I see several spot where I’d hang an ornament. But like I said, I’m no expert! ;-) Merry Christmas!

    • You don’t need to be an expert, tree decorating is all a matter of taste!

      I probably could get more ornaments in there, but since the tree has already tipped over once I’m leaving the glass ones in their boxes…

  2. It’s very pretty! But I love your enormous fat one from 2010. I wish we didn’t always travel over Christmas – I miss having a live tree (of any size!)

    • We’ll be traveling right around the 25th too. But I love having a tree so much I keep it up a little while just because I can. Having a farm nearby does help with the cost too.

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