Sleep like a knitter

Alternate title: how to sleep when it’s 40F in your bedroom*

1) Legs: PJ pants will not be enough. Consider some long underwear as well.

2) Feet: don’t leave your poor toes to fend for themselves between the cold sheets. Try some bed socks, or some nice cashmere handknit socks.

3) A bulky hat. No need for cold ears whenever you stick your head out from under the covers to breath.

4) Mittens, or at least fingerless mitts. Keeping your wrists warm will make your whole self feel warmer. And gloves are silly, do you need dexterity while asleep?

5) A bed jacket or sweater of some kind. I really love sleeping in wool, it’s so warm and the breathable. Choose something unconstricting and without buttons.

-Don’t sleep in a scarf. Wrapping things around your neck and going to bed is a bad idea.
-Flannel sheets are lovely but they take longer to warm up first!
-Hot water bottle. Get one. Store it next to your bed jacket and sleep socks. Embrace your inner old fogey.

*We went to visit family for Christmas and left the living room thermostat set to 50F. Then Vermont proceeded to have its coldest 3 days of the season (so far.) There are no baseboard heaters on the second floor.


2 responses to “Sleep like a knitter

  1. i am sure we do not get as cold as you do, but mid to late winter it does get very cold here in the foothills leading to our Southern Alps [as seen in “Lord of the Rings”. I do love your list and have all of those, but you did not mention an electric blanket, which, as long as you are not in the midst of a power cut, has your bed all snuggly warm for when you get into it :)
    Seasons Greetings to you and your family Becky. i will look forward to your bog next year too.
    hugs Margot
    Canterbury, New Zealand

    • Even if the outside temperatures don’t get as cold as VT if your bedroom gets chilly it is important to have a plan! I don’t own an electric blanket so it’s not on my list. Maybe I should fix that…

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