felted, fulled

I hope that you and yours had a very merry Christmas, time spent with family, or whatever you choose to celebrate this time of year. I certainly did as my sister managed to give us all a new baby for Christmas. Oddly she won’t let any of us keep him though…

Knitted gifts were thin on the ground at my house. There was a hat with kitty ears for the new baby (my sister is a crazy cat lady, it seemed appropriate) and my mom got her traditional hand knit socks. Even Neil didn’t get a hand knitted gift, I didn’t plan one as I didn’t know if I’d have time to finish it.

So when I found myself with a few days of down time between designs I took a moment to fix a hole in my wardrobe. My old slippers had completely worn through.

needle felting

These are the classic felted clogs from fiber trends. I knitted them up in just a few hours and felted them down in almost the same time.

felted bird slippers

Seriously, I think it took HOURS to felt them. Might’ve been my own fault though. I didn’t have size 13 dpns on hand so I used size 11s. My gauge was off, the fabric was a bit more dense than it should have been. I think that’d make them take longer to felt, right? Well, technically, when you’re doing this with fabric it’s fulling, not felting.

felted nuthatch

Felting (using raw fiber) is what I did to make the little bird decorations! My left slipper has an owl on it, the right slipper has a nuthatch (that’s why he’s upside down)

felted owl

I think the owl’s head might be a bit small, I was looking at him the other day and I decided owls really don’t have shoulders. Not sure if I’ll be brave enough to try and fix him. I don’t want to ruin anything!


3 responses to “felted, fulled

  1. Hi Becky, I’ve been really enjoying looking at the wonderful knitting inspirations you’ve posted here and elsewhere. I’m trying to make the lovely Kingdom gloves you provided a pattern for on knitty.com, and I’m afraid I’m stuck: on chart B I see the instruction to w&t to create a 90 degree turn to the right on the cuff. I haven’t done w&t before but I’ve checked out some youtube videos and I think I get the basic idea. But here’s why I’m confused: 1. The youtube videos I’ve watched show w&ts in the middle of a piece of knitting, not at the end of a row. Am I misreading the pattern, to think that I’m supposed to do this at the end of row 3? 2. Your pattern seems to me to show 2 stitches disappearing as a result of one w&t: is that correct? 3. For the whole of chart B, am I continuing to work the inside of the cuff as for chart A (that is, do I continue to work the other 12 stitches not involved in chart B?)? because if so, won’t this portion of the cuff show when it’s turned and sewn to the inside, since the outer part is disappearing over the course of chart B? Sorry I am so needy here! Thanks for any help you can provide! Laura in Vancouver

  2. just picked your blog up from today’s post on knitpick’s blog. having a nice browse and saw this post on your felt slides and how they’ve worn through. my felt slides are my fav slippers and when i saw the soles starting to wear, i cut and sewed suede sole covers for them. am on my second set of sole covers over five years. love the birds on your slippers. i’ve tried felting designs, but the repetetive motion is really bad on my wrist.

    • Yes, even just for those little birds I noticed the strain on my hand! I had been thinking about needle felting in new patches when these wear through, but suede bottoms might be a better idea.

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