Mitt along wrap up

The ravelry knit along for my mitt patterns wrapped up today. And I want to send a special thanks to The Unique Sheep for sponsoring my knit along and offering up a prize! They’re sponsoring CraftLit right now as well, so I feel a bit like it’s all Unique Sheep, all the time in my head (and that’s a pretty good thing)

I loved this knit along so much, it was exactly what I needed in the middle of the secret book work, and in the middle of winter. Sometimes designing is a very isolating thing. There are long stretches where I’m working very hard behind the scenes but I have nothing to show for it. And where I’m working completely on my own, without needing to contact editors, yarn folks, or anyone else. It can feel like working in a void. But the ladies over in the Sheep Tweeps group (and on twitter, of course) really took me in and made me feel welcome! And! They produced some wonderful mitts:

mittalong collection

That’s a sampling, there was no way to get a screen grab with everyone’s mitts in the frame. The prize winners have been contacted, so if you finished some mitts for the mitt-along check your ravelry mail boxes.

I’m not really feeling like the end of 2012 holds anything special for me. I couldn’t wait to see the backside of 2011 but this year has been much better. Now, as we move from December into January I’ve got so much going on – projects, test knits, designs coming soon, yarn waiting to be knit up. Not to mention my new nephew, new projects around home, new chickens that are (finally) laying eggs. There are just so many things that smooth the transition from December into January and the only thing that really marks the new year is my new calender.

Oh yeah, if you ordered one of mine from Magcloud you’ve probably discovered that there’s no hole in the top for hanging it. I’m not sure why but Magcloud doesn’t seem to offer that option so you’ll need to correct the omission yourself, sorry!


2 responses to “Mitt along wrap up

  1. nice mitts!

  2. I never got to my mitts this time… Christmas knitting took too long! But other people made some gorgeous ones!

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