Ham & bean soup

We skipped soup and bread thursdays last week, something about the holidays and the snow storm on wednesday, and I just forgot – sorry!*

Today we have a really simple soup. Leftover ham from a ham steak, dried beans, a can of diced tomatoes… Add some spices and this becomes more than the sum of its parts.

ham and bean soup ingredients

Cook the onions in butter and olive oil until they’re translucent. Add ham (I threw in the bone for glossiness), beans, the can of tomatoes and juices, and whatever your favorite italian spices are.

The trick that makes this a (fairly) quick after work soup is to cook it on high heat. The dried beans will plump up in just about an hour if cooked at a rolling boil. The tomatoes broke down as they cooked and I added water several times as the soup boiled to keep it from getting too thick.

We served the soup with more white whole wheat bread. Simple, hearty, and delicious.

ham and bean soup

*It’s possible I’m the only one who cares. That’s fine too. Routine is important to me!


2 responses to “Ham & bean soup

  1. I’m loving your soup recipes! Now that I’m back from my holiday travellings I may even get a chance to try some of them ;-)

    I’m curious though – I was always taught not to put tomatoes in with beans until they (the beans) were fully cooked, as the acid (?) is supposed to keep the beans from softening properly. Obviously you didn’t have that problem… was I taught an untruth or what is it?

    • Fascinating! I’ve heard the same thing about salt – that you shouldn’t put it in until the end because it will keep the beans from absorbing water. But I’ve never tested it, so I don’t honestly know if that’s true either.

      It makes me wonder, do some variations of canned tomatoes contain a fair amount of salt? Because I could see how (if that’s the case) it might morph through an old wives tale version of that telephone game kids play from one to another…

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