Currant hat

Alternate title: My current currant hat – after all, I have two: purple and red!

currant hero

My Currant hat pattern is an old one. Maybe you never noticed it before? Or if you did, it was probably just to cringe at the old flash photography. Well cringe no longer!

currant gazing

I’ve finally gotten some new photos for this pattern. I’ve always loved these hats. They’re simple, fun to knit – and the knit up quickly too! With a button they’re pretty and feminine, without they make perfect men’s hats. What is it about a decorative button that makes something so much more lady-like?

currant side view

These poor hats have languished for years due to bad photography. And what’s worse is I’ve tried several times to get better photos. But always the lighting was off, I made poor style choices*, or the timing on a multi-pattern photo shoot went wonky and the hats never made it in front of the camera at all…

currant moody

Even this photo shoot isn’t perfect, the snow was REALLY dumping down on this day. But it was the only chance I could see for quite a while to get some decent photos. So I’ve decided to run with it. They’re winter hats, it’s a wintry setting – that’s appropriate for them! And it’s not like the snow hides any important details.

Now I have just my two old, free patterns still left in the old layout. Once I get those redone everything will be up to date! It’s only taking me two years to get through my whole back catalog…

*seriously, I apparently thought wearing my hair in a bun and trying to fit it under the hat would look good…


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