I’ve lived in this house for 5 years now, and the whole time we’ve had zero curtains in our living room. Window blinds yes, but no pretty window dressings.

curtains sewing

Finally all that has changed. After looking at the price of real curtains I hatched a plan to make them out of old bedsheets. This dovetailed perfectly with my mother clearing out her linen closet with 20 years worth of bedsheets for a family of seven.

curtains pinned

It’s not entirely clear to either of us why she had three flat sheets in the same pattern (where is the fourth?) But I thought the blue flower pattern would look perfect in my living room.

curtains seam

Two of the sheets were split into four so that each panel is as long as the sheet was wide. This doesn’t make for many gathers in each curtain, but it is enough. From there I only needed to hem the long edges, and sew a tube at the top. My sewing machine goes SO FAST. Which is perfect* for long, straight seams.

curtains finished

I love them. I don’t know why I waited so long.

*Also perfect for putting the needle through my finger and fingernail – but I don’t recommend that part.


One response to “curtains!

  1. Pretty! And an excellent recycling project.

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