These paperwhites were supposed to bloom for Christmas, but they’re late.


Still beautiful though! The bulb is growing in a jar of water and pebbles. Does anyone know if it’s possible to help it last until summer so it can be saved and bloom again next year?


5 responses to “Paperwhites

  1. You should be able to clip the dead flowers off and save the bulb for planting when it gets warm out. I am not the world’s best gardener so hope someone with more knowledge will give you the whole story – I have forced bulbs then planted them with mixed success.

    The flowers are lovely. Beth

  2. I’ve read that you can clip the stem and spent flowers off after it finishes blooming, but keep the leaves on, then keep it in a sunny spot til summer arrives. Similar to what’s here: I’ve never tried it, though – will be interesting to see if you can find a way to do it successfully!

  3. Oh, and I think to do it that way you need to put in a pot with soil. Not sure, though.

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