I was in NH helping my mom sort and clean last weekend. We made really good progress and finished up all our goals before noon.

We looked at each other and I asked “now what?”
Mom responded, “Want to go to Webs*?”

She may not knit, but my mom knows exactly what I like. And I LOVE giant yarn stores! She drove and I knit while we chatted all the way there. It’s a fairly industrial looking area (and yes, the Blue ATM in their directions actually is a good landmark…)

Webs was everything I’d hoped it would be. Just the store front is big enough we actually lost each other among the shelves. I do not kid, I was browsing the yarn went I got a text message from Mom saying she’d lost me… Then we went back into the warehouse

Webs of course

So. Much. Yarn.

I was there for some very specific yarn, Valley DK for a second pair of Play Time mittens. Overall I was very restrained. I picked up some purple __ that my mom adored because she needs a new hat. The only thing going directly into stash are the 3 skeins of Hempathy in a dusky rose color. I’ve wanted this yarn every time I see it in person. I think I got enough for a summer top of some kind.

modest stash acquisition

Purple, more purple, white, and dusty pink. The color scheme here seems to have overloaded my camera a bit…

Webs, America’s yarn store- in case you’re reading this blog just for the chicken posts…

3 responses to “Webs!

  1. I get so overwhelmed in Webs! I’ve been out there three or four times–it’s about 90 minutes southwest of me–and I don’t go into the warehouse unless I’m looking for something specific. It’s just too much! I’m going to try to get out there for the full-bag sale in April, though. Great deals if it doesn’t rain buckets the whole time.

    • I think it helped me a LOT that I had two specific projects I was looking for. One I knew exactly what I wanted, and one that involved paying attention to the yarns my mom seemed to like.

      Then I just had the one extra set of skeins that fell into my basket (totally by accident of course)

  2. Yes! Usually if I know what I want, I order from the website. If I’m out there, it’s the rare occasion when I can be offline for my family for 4-5 hours and I make a break for it. I do come home with some interesting things, though.

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