Peasant food

Sometimes soup and bread is a pretty affair, with well lit photos and a plan.

peasant soup

And sometimes the soup is just a mix of veggies, leftover chicken, and some stock. And then the beer bread crumbles.

But soup and bread is still filling, warming, satisfying. It is satisfying. It is exactly what I need for a hearty winter meal. And apparently I’m not the only one since Sweetfern Handmade has a great little post on winter soups right now.

So go ahead, eat like a peasant. It feels sooo good.

3 responses to “Peasant food

  1. It still looks lovely! The perfect thing on a cold day like this.

    Homemade bread is also the best, especially when it’s still warm from the oven!

  2. Eons ago when we lived in Rhode Island, this time of year we’d trundle to Newport and have the absolutely best lobster bisque for lunch. I’d be stuffed between that and fresh bread and not need anything for dinner. Perfect meals for this time of year!!

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