Spinning project

I’ve been participating* in a rare breed spin-along hosted by Joanna of the Knit Spin Farm podcast. Participating is a loose word as I’m the slowest spinner ever when I’m on a knitting deadline (and I’m always on deadline from now to next August)

eight colors shetland

But I’ve had this lovely shetland in my stash for ages and I’m glad to finally be spinning it up. I got 2oz of 4 colors at the NH Sheep & Wool festival back in 2009. I overdyed half of each with henna first, but the henna was old and the colors were mustardy yellow. Not exactly what I was looking for. However that mustard turned out to be the perfect base for overdying with red food coloring. The combo gave me those deep orangey reds above. And the color is saturated enough that even the charcoal black fiber shows some of the dye color.

I’m spindle spinning these fibers and plying them back onto themselves to create sport-ish weight two ply yarns. Not sure what I’ll do with them, but I’m thinking colorwork, gorgeous earth-toned colorwork.


4 responses to “Spinning project

  1. Trish (tgknits)

    so pretty

  2. Hopefully tho, you can have a bit of relaxation time with the spinning to give you a break from the knitting deadlines!!

  3. I’m pretty good with a spindle but still can’t get the hang of plying. Any suggestions?

    • I wish I had a brilliant tip, but I have to admit I’m only a mediocre spinner myself… What part do you struggle with? Getting the plies set up? Actually managing the spindle?

      I always recommend starting with the park and draft technique for spinning, you could try something similar for plying. Overtwist the two plies, then hold the spindle between your knees and let the twist into enough length so everything looks balanced. That way you only have to manage one half of the plying process at a time.

      The other thing to keep in mind is the spindle needs to go in the opposite direction for plying. I’m embarrassed to say how often this problem happens to me…

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